Societe Brewing’s Belgian Extra, The Harlot, Borders on Irresistible!

December 24, 2015 9:40 pm Kirk Richardson

San Diego has become a mecca for craft beer lovers, and there are too many good options to explore over a weekend visit. One of my favorite stops during a recent trip was Societe Brewing Company on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard (highly recommended by a fellow brewer in North County). Brewmaster Travis Smith and Co-owner/brewer Doug Constantiner shared samples of beer with me in the brewery tasting room on moderately busy Monday afternoon. My humorous hosts poured a variety of beers, including the appropriately named Widow, a spicy dark Belgian Strong Ale with a whopping 9.0 ABV (bring a designated driver if you dare to drink this dark beauty). I was seduced by the “caramely” undertones of the coffee-black Widow, but like most of the brewery’s staff, I also fall for The Harlot, a light and dry Belgian Extra. My hosts explain that their irresistible floral-flavored favorite is a lightly malted beer that they ferment with a “house” Belgian ale yeast strain. Ever the comedian, Doug adds, “The Harlot is brewed in the tradition of a lost style of beer typical in the border region between Belgium and the Czech Republic” (consult Google Maps if you don’t get it). Although I’ll share more of the partners’ humor and a few secrets in the book, you might want to explore the brew pub firsthand. You’ll discover plenty of good humor and even better beer!

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This post was written by Kirk Richardson.

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