The Book

The U.S. has become Craft Beer Country. Sure, we have our share of wine and spirits makers and partakers, but brewers have flooded every nook and cranny of our country, and they have won over a rising tide of faithful followers. Craft Beer Country is a journey through the best that North America has to offer. It’s an exploration of the textures, the flavors, the people, and the places behind the beverage. It’s food writing and storytelling, blending everything from recipes, food¬†pairings, and recommendations to the humor pouring out of bartenders and characters perched on barstools. Book No. 1, “In Search of The Best in The West”, is already underway. I will be posting excerpts here for your reading pleasure and comments. Please give me your feedback along the way, including your own favorites. Who knows, you might even end up in the story!