The Journey

My journey “In Search of The Best, in The West” began in Maui, Hawaii. Maui Brewing was started on a shoestring by Garrett Marrero and features delicious beers like CoCoNut PorTer, Big Swell IPA, and my favorite, Bikini Blonde Lager. From the base of Mt. Haleakala, a dormant volcano on Hawaii’s second largest island, I traveled to the Pacific Northwest and the breweries of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, home to some of the most creative brewers in the land. There is a certain mystique behind Northwest brewers/artisans, and you will find their concoctions winning more than their share of awards at the Great American Beer Festival and other events around our Craft Beer Country. To the south in California, we’ll explore some of the best breweries and most interesting people in the Golden State (coincidentally the color of many of their GABF medals), from Weed to the Mexican border and many points in between. Moving east from the Pacific Coast, the book will peek at a few of the enticing beers being brewed in Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho, where fans really appreciate an ice cold pale aleĀ or crisp pils on a hot dry day. The fun won’t end in the wild west (The Midwest, including nearly mythical Colorado, and the East deserve their own books), but this first volume will conclude with a taste of beers in a few out-of-the way places, from Salt Lake City, Utah (it’s true) to Vancouver, British Columbia. My hope is that you will join the journey and make a few of your own discoveries along the way. Cheers!